Release Information

Date: February 8th, 2018
Platforms: Windows and Mac on Steam and
Price: 4.99

Game Description

  • You lose if an enemy reaches the bottom of the board. You win by clearing the board of enemies. Learn the rest of the rules within minutes of playing. Simple …
  • but deep. 50+ handcrafted levels that require careful positioning of your heroes, proper sequencing of attacks, and the occasional stroke of mastermind insight.
  • Play levels one at a time or all at once, as a break in the middle of your day or as a Saturday night marathon. You can even play Grimante in between other games!
  • Created by a solo indie dev with a goal of making a niche genre more accessible, Grimante reduces tactical combat gameplay down to its addicting, puzzle-like core.

Key Features

  • 50+ handcrafted levels
  • 8+ hours of content
  • Single-player
  • Star-based scoring system that lets you come back to levels to beat your own score
  • RNG-free (no randomness)
  • 8 unique Heroes to learn and play with
  • a novel Inspire mechanic that allows Heroes to buff each other by attacking Enemies
  • No RPG grinding, no lootboxes, no cruft, just solid tactical gameplay


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Company Info

Name: aftermonk

Company Bio

Aftermonk is a solo indie developer who, after graduating with a CS degree, decided that he wanted to give his best shot at game development before settling down in a standard software job. He loves games with tactical combat, such as the Final Fantasy Tactics series, Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis, Shadowrun: Hong Kong, the Fire Emblem series, and many more. He made Grimante as an homage to, reduction of, and hopefully in some ways an improvement in the genre :)